Apple or Android for a businessperson?

| Posted on: September 18, 2013


In terms of appearance it has to be an iPhone 5, the design is simple, it’s straightforward, and in no way does it look tacky. It also does a good job of flaunting, and letting know you’re doing well, but then again, so many people now have iPhones, that it is becoming less unique.


A good businessman or businesswoman should be organised, no matter what business field they work in. iPhones have barely changed their layout, and they don’t actually need to because everything is well organised, but this can at times cause problems. Android phone simply allow you to add a widget, let’s say for weather, and that can then be placed on the home screen. With an iPhone, you may have to scroll through pages of apps to find it.


26% of Google Play apps are games, compared to just 14% in the App Store, and it’s fair to say that Apple are more work than play, and that’s what you need in business.


By getting an iPhone, you may be known as ‘following the crowd’ but there’s a crowd for a reason. Meanwhile, any leading Android phones are a good contender, and if you want a phone that’s extremely customisable, then Android is definitely the best option.