Top 3 Apps for a Businessperson

| Posted on: October 14, 2013

Like phones, businessman and businesswomen come in different shapes and forms, and we’re declaring three apps that can be of use to all the types of individuals involved in business.

Google Drive (for both iOS and Android) is an app that lets you store data, files, and folders in one place and access them effortlessly, literally from anywhere. Rivalling the likes of drop box, it is an app which can be extremely useful to businessmen and businesswoman. Important documents will always be with you, whether that’s at a home office, out in a unfamiliar city on a mobile, or even in a different country. No other device is required, juts a device and the app itself.

The stock market is often associated with business people, and Stock Chartist is an app (for iOS) that allows individuals to keep an eye on the market. It is however, very detailed and you can track your favourite stocks, and select daily, weekly, and monthly charts in great detail. So if you’re a big fan of detailed analysis, this could be the stock market app for you.

Finally, the last app could be essential for most individuals, though it is solely built for android. It’s called ES Task Manager. And for those spending a lot of time on their mobiles, is power friendly, and it even contains a widget which ‘kills’ unnecessary tasks quickly and efficiently, freeing up memory and ultimately making the most out of your batter life.  So if you’re a businessman who want a to access documents at any moment, keep an extremely close eye on the stock market, and make the most out of your phones battery life, these are the apps for you.