Setting your Marketing Budgets

| Posted on: August 25, 2014

Marketing can be instrumental for all businesses yet it can be difficult to know just how you’re going to need to spend. You may decide to carry out work in-house, but that often means employing experienced marketing personal and some may come with large salaries.

Outsourcing marketing work is normal but you may want a budget for email marketing, social media, analytics, SEO, pay per click and mobile. Depending on the channels you want to utilise, you may have to spend a considerable amount before you see a return.

This is rather frustrating for many businesses. They’d ideally like to spend a little and see a return straight way but it just doesn’t happen and marketing can take time to build up a following, so you need to be flexible with your marketing budget if you want to succeed, or dedicate a lot of your own time to promotional work.