What Can Audio Visual Elements Add to your Presentation?

| Posted on: May 4, 2019

Giving a presentation is never easy, whether it’s internal, to other businesses or to people outside of your business area. However, there are some things you can do to make it more engaging and more relevant, helping you to get people on your side from the very beginning. Audio visual equipment can help you to bring people into your world and get them on side with your presentation topics, making your life easier as the presenter. Even if you are really confident on your topic and know the exact message you want to get across, you will have a hard job doing so without giving people something else to engage with.

Some businesses might give more low-key presentation because they believe they have enough to draw in their audience. Some, however, might want to bring in audio visual elements, but might be concerned about the resources required. Audio visual rental is very good value for money and will give you access to a vast array of equipment, letting you deliver your presentation in any way that makes you feel confident in its appeal. You can rent out the equipment you need, then return it once you are finished without having to do anything else.

What kinds of AV equipment can you use and how will this help you deliver a better presentation?

These are some of the main type of AV equipment you might want to consider hiring to improve your next corporate or business presentation:

  • Video screens. Add some extra visual input to your presentation with a video screen. You can make a video beforehand to complement your presentation or speech, or you can simply show slides that relate to your talk. Whatever you choose, it can help audience members to stay engaged and to take in what you are saying.
  • Microphones and PA systems. On the most basic level, a presentation needs to be audible. You have the option of hiring microphones and other PA systems that will help give you the audio capacity you need for your talk or presentation.
  • Lecterns. These are largely for you, to give you visual aids and ensure you can deliver your presentation successfully. However, you should choose one that is in keeping with the appearance of your stage and general setting.
  • Audio equipment such as speakers and CD players. Make the most of your acoustic by bringing in equipment to help you with your delivery. This will ensure that everyone can hear you, or can hear any sound effects and backing tracks you might be using.
  • Lighting. Professional lighting can make all the difference, illuminating your stage and making sure people can see you, then they need to. You can use lighting to draw people’s attention to the right places.
  • Stage. Choose the setting that is right for you by selecting stage hire along with equipment hire. You can incorporate visual elements as well as the ideal platform in terms of look and feel for your setting. An event hire company will be able to install your stage for you if required.