Hiring a Venue for an Event in Bedford: Streamlining the Work

| Posted on: December 31, 2020

Putting on a business event in Bedford is always hard work, for everyone involved. There will be a lot of different responsibilities and many things to be taken care of if the event is going to run smoothly and be a success. The event venue itself is one of the most important parts of organisation; venue hire in Bedford is a much larger conversation and a major part of running a successful event. How can hiring out the perfect venue be more streamlined, and how can you stop it becoming a major source of stress so that you can focus on other parts of organising your event and putting it together?

Organisation is key in every respect of running an event, and no more so than when picking out the perfect venue. You might need to speak to a lot of venue staff, and potentially even visit multiple places, before making a decision. In this case, it’s important that you have a full list of what you need and what your venue has to have as a non-negotiable part of the package. For example, does it have to have a car park with a certain capacity? Does it need to be step free for access? Should it be in a certain part of Bedford? Does it need to come complete with audio visual equipment? Should there be catering available on site, or do you want to bring in your own caterers? (In which case, you need to find out if this is actually possible and whether there will be additional costs for it.) The list goes on; so many factors come into play when finding the perfect event venue in Bedford.

Here are some of the quick and simple steps you can take to make venue hire easier:

  • Have your non-negotiable factors written down before liaising with a venue representative. Make sure you are absolutely set on these i.e. if they are not met, the event cannot, and will not, go ahead. If you are not sure whether you might budge on them, then they’re not a non-negotiable point.
  • Have a list to hand when you start looking at venues. The more you visit, the more they will all blend into one. Take your checklist with you so you don’t forget anything. It might help to take photographs as well.
  • Know everyone’s opinions. All of the people who matter and who are decision makers will need to have been consulted before viewing venues. This way, you are in a position to make a decision quickly. Popular event venues in Bedford will book up very quickly.

There are also some ways you can search for venues to make your life easier. Think about using a search engine specifically for event venues, so you can see what is available and compare each of the options to each other. There are directories that allow you to search for event venues in Bedford specifically, giving details of the areas where you are looking and details of capacity etc.